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Monette Silver Trumpet Mouthpieces Many Models Available! Since 1985, Monette has been designing mouthpieces to do what no other mouthpiece has ever done: provide constant pitch center, regardless of how loud or soft, or how low or high a musician plays. This acoustical innovation improves every aspect of brass instrument performance— sound, response, intonation, and endurance—and is what makes our revolutionary Monette instruments possible. Perfect for the beginner, these Monette Silver mouthpieces are silver plated and will work on any key horn! Monette 6 - comparable to the 3C size Monette 4 - comparable to the 2C - 1 1/2C size Monette 2 - comparable to the 1 1/4C size Monette 1 - comparable to the 1C size
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Width: 1.00
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Depth: 1.00
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