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TASCAM's BB-800 makes recording as simple as hitting record on a boombox. Because that's what it is - a simple recorder with built-in mics and speakers. The BB-800 records to SD Cards, the same inexpensive media used in digital cameras and cellphones. Capture to either high-res WAV files or MP3 for hours of recording.

The BB-800 blends two microphones on the front of the unit and two mics on the rear to record your band or event. You can also plug your own microphones into pair of XLR mic inputs with phantom power for studio-quality recording. There's even a limiter to keep your recording from accidentally getting distorted.

Play back your tracks with the built-in speaker system, and songs can be looped and slowed down without changing the pitch to learn new music. The built-in tuner and metronome provide audio-visual feedback for practicing students. A set of AA batteries powers the unit, or it can be plugged in with the included power supply. The BB-800 also includes a wireless remote for starting the recording from anywhere on stage.

There's never been an easier way to record rehearsals, performances, meetings or classrooms than the TASCAM BB-800.

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